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~ Foreword by Patricia Brooks of Brooks-Goldmann Publishing ~

"The Secrets of the 100 Golden Keys is a masterpiece of insight into the powerful relationship between your creativity and your experience of happiness; not just in relation to creative aspirations within the arts, but in learning to create the person you aspire to be, so you may master your creative power and use it to create and experience a more rich, whole and fulfilling life. And that is what makes Mia's book a unique treasure."

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The Book

🦋Mia's book documents her journey as she accessed the higher levels of her own creativity to transcend life's limitations and enter a state of creative being - an advanced level of creative awareness that is accessible to each of us. The book is both brutally honest and humorously entertaining as Mia shares the discoveries, mistakes, realizations and experiences that led her to compile one hundred "Golden Keys," a collection of universal truths she discovered while pursuing her Bohemian lifestyle as a traveling dancer, writer and artist.

🦋The book begins with an overview of the 100 Golden Keys philosophy, a series of fascinating insights into the mechanics of the creative process, its relationship with happiness, the role our thoughts and beliefs play in our ability to create, the role of imagination in the creative process, and how all of these elements work together. 

🦋This overview is followed by a series of two-page mini-chapters, each featuring one Golden Key accompanied by an entertaining summary of how Mia discovered it and the role it plays in your creative life. Mia compiled the Golden Keys into this important book to ensure she'd never forget the deep insights she unearthed over the course of a lifetime through her sometimes painful, sometimes miraculous life experiences - and to share her discoveries with you.

🦋When you first access The Secrets of the 100 Golden Keys, you may choose to take a few minutes and read one chapter at a sitting, or you may choose to read through larger sections of the book. Each person proceeds according to what works best for them. After finishing the book, many people keep it handy and flip it open to a random Golden Key each day, to stay inspired or receive special insights for their day. The timing and method of your journey through the book is completely up to you.

🦋There are ten Transformational Workshops spread throughout the book, and Mia has designed each one to challenge, inspire and entertain you. Each optional "workshop" offers an opportunity to re-think some aspect of your existing life paradigm and refresh your intentions going forward. 

🦋Through Mia's enjoyable story-telling revelations, her book reveals how to master the art of creative being - which is to actively define and create the person you aspire to be. As you put the 100 Golden Keys into practice, you shift from focusing on what you hope will or won't happen in the future, to accessing the higher levels of creativity where you create your life experience on a moment-by-moment basis - and cultivate a fresh, joyful lifestyle in which you are the master of your own destiny.

Enjoy the book!

The Secrets of the 100 Golden Keys

Unlock the Power of Your Creativity and Set Your Life on Fire!

Mia's book was published in 2009 and is sold on Amazon and other book sites for $4.95.

She has chosen to make it available for free to her subscribers on this site.