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Title:   Soiree du Papillon
Size:   48" x 60" x 1½"
Origin:   Original one-of-a-kind oil painting signed by the artist
Materials:   Artists oils on primed cotton canvas
Framing:  Unframed, ready-to-hang
Accessories:  Certificate of Authenticity & Thumbprint Namecard
Price:  $5,500

Soiree du Papillon is a striking, almost life-sized painting of a beautiful, dark-haired woman wearing a purple velvet robe, golden coin belt studded with jewels, and red velvet hat adorned with peacock feathers.

The expression on the woman's face portrays the wonder and delight of an unexpected encounter in nature as she stands before a twilight sky studded with shimmering butterfly wings. Her gaze follows a single yellow Swallowtail amidst a fluttering kaleidoscope of blue, as she pauses ankle-deep in a pond of blooming lotuses. The landscape around her features yellow sunflowers and red hollyhocks emerging from stands of thick green foliage. The color palette juxtaposes shades of cool aqua, violet and blue with warm yellows, greens and reds to create an exhilarating visual feast that transports any interior space into a joyful Bohemian garden.

The woman's face, framed by her red velvet hat and its luminous cascade of peacock feathers, is the central focal point of the painting. Its beauty invites the eye to explore her features before gliding downward along the detailing of her velvet robe to rest on her bejeweled coin belt. Below it, her robe is embellished with metallic gold, which draws the eye further downward to the lotus pond at her feet before rising again to delight in the explosion of flowers and butterflies surrounding her face. The circular nature of this composition is common to many of the artist's works, as are the impasto brush strokes that add a luscious tactile dimension to their appeal. 

Soiree du Papillon expresses the freedom of spirit that connects us with the natural world, and in turn, to our higher selves. The woman's lovely green eyes reflect the sense of curiosity and childlike wonder that led her to this unexpected encounter, one she would never experience without stepping off of the beaten path of obedient routine. Although adorned with beautiful apparel, she is unconcerned with material things - as evidenced by the casual wetting of the hem of her dress and robe. She embraces all that the world has to offer her, finding delight in the simple, free, and wondrous miracles of nature.

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Soiree du Papillon