Mia Pratt Fine Art Oil Paintings

Bohemian Art Studio

Soiree du Papillon Fine Art Oil Painting

Title:   Soiree du Papillon
48" x 60" x 1½"
   Original one-of-a-kind oil painting signed by the artist
   Artists oils on primed cotton canvas
  Unframed, ready-to-hang
 Certificate of Authenticity & Thumbprint Namecard
  $12,000 US​​​​

Soiree du Papillon is a striking, almost life-sized painting of a beautiful dark-haired woman dressed in a purple embroidered dress, a golden coin belt studded with jewels, and a peacock-feather head dress adorning a red velvet hat.

The expression on the woman's face portrays the wonder and delight of an unexpected encounter in the wild. She wades into a lotus pond amongst a flurry of iridescent blue butterflies, as a single yellow swallowtail emerges to capture her gaze.

The surrounding landscape is a tangle of blooming sunflowers and hollyhocks, silhouetted by a robin's-egg-blue evening sky above and a tranquil pond with violet lotus blossoms at her feet. The color palette juxtaposes several shades of blue, violet and aqua with a combination of bright yellows and reds, creating an exhilarating kaleidoscope of color that transports any interior into a vibrant garden setting.

The luxurious robe the figure is wearing is embellished with metallic gold on both the exterior design elements and the interior of the robe. When the light hits this painting in daytime or evening, it is illuminated with a beautiful golden glow that draws the viewer into the scene and captures the imagination. Impasto brush strokes are scattered across the surface of the painting, adding a luscious tactile dimension to its appeal. The mood evoked by the painting is cheerful, uplifting, and contemplative.

Soiree du Papillon expresses the freedom of spirit that connects us with the natural world, and in turn, to our higher self. The woman's sense of curiosity and childlike wonder lead her into unexpected encounters that she could never experience without stepping off of the beaten path, taking a chance, and letting go of the concerns of material things. She embraces all that the world has to offer her, finding delight in the simple, free, and wondrous miracles of nature.