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The Secret Garden Fine Art Oil Painting

Title:    The Secret Garden
Size:       27½” x 35” x 1”
Origin:    Original one-of-a-kind painting signed by the artist 
Materials:   Artists oils on primed cotton canvas
Framing:   Unframed, ready-to-hang 
Accessories:   Certificate of Authenticity & Thumbprint Namecard
Price:    $6,000

"The Secret Garden" was created in artists oils on stretched cotton canvas. The central focus of the painting is the fountain, which is alive with blooming lotus blossoms, koi fish, a blue bird and a resident frog. 

In the center of the pond, a fountain of grape ivy cascades downward toward the water, and in the background the statue of an angel rests against a wall covered in vines. The courtyard is filled with blooming hibiscus, geraniums, bougainvillea, and miniature roses that crawl up the fountain wall and spill into its cool waters. Flower petals are scattered around the edge of the pool, and the stems of the lotus blossoms and pads can be seen wherever light is penetrating the water. 

The blue door is overgrown with roses and vines that hold it in place. The peeling paint reveals its age, and a rusted lock features a keyhole glimpse to the outer world. A barred window with twisted ivy offers a view of the church steeple in the village below. 

The mood of this painting is tranquil and the imagery evokes a sense of peace. The sides are painted in a black satin finish, and the work is ready-to-hang.

Mia Pratt Fine Art Oil Paintings