"When Only an Original Will Do"

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Bohemian Art Studio

The Secret Garden

​​Mia Pratt ​Fine Art Oil Paintings

Title:    The Secret Garden
Size:       27½” x 35” x 1”
Origin:    Original one-of-a-kind painting signed by the artist 
Materials:   Artists oils on primed cotton canvas
Framing:   Unframed, ready-to-hang 
Accessories:   Certificate of Authenticity & Thumbprint Namecard
Price:    $2,500 - SOLD

The Secret Garden offers the viewer a tranquil garden retreat alive with blooming lotuses, Koi fish, a bluebird, and a resident frog. Tendrils of ivy curl down to the water from the stone vase at the fountain’s center, and in the background, the statue of an angel rests against a vine-covered wall. The courtyard is overgrown with hibiscus, geraniums and bougainvillea, and a blanket of miniature roses spills over the fountain wall into its sun-dappled pool. The stems of the lotuses are visible beneath the water’s surface, along with three golden Koi hiding in the shadows. 

This painting offers the viewer a personal refuge from the stressful demands of life. Behind a blue door held closed by overgrown vines, the viewer escapes reality and enters a private garden sanctuary. The peeling paint on the door is a testament to that which is eternal, and a barred window offers a view to a church steeple in the village below - a reminder to look beyond our limitations to our higher nature. The angel statue, dappled with light from an unseen window, represents the illuminated nature of our higher self - the part within each of us that is capable of rising to great heights when called to action out of love.

The sides are painted in a black satin finish, and the work is ready-to-hang.