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Title:  Rose Garden
Size:  12" x 14" x 1½"
Origin:  Original one-of-a-kind oil painting signed by the artist
Materials:  Artists oils and metallics on primed cotton canvas
Framing:  Unframed, ready-to-hang
Accessories:  Cert of Authenticity & Thumbprint Namecard
Price:  $850 - SOLD

The Rose Garden is a small, whimsical painting created in artist oils using a warm color palette of violets, yellows and pinks. The subject of the scene is a beautiful young woman with red hair, adorned with a spray of pink roses she might have picked just moments before. She’s dressed for Sunday morning tea in the rose garden, wearing her best pearl drop earrings, pearl necklace, and gold-trimmed dress.

Her large green eyes gaze at the viewer questioningly, yet appear to already hold the answer she seeks; her expression is both accessible and secretive, like the lush garden of roses in which she walks.

The woman wanders through a thick garden of impasto roses, taking in the beauty of her surroundings while a blue bird sings in a blossoming apple tree behind her - a symbol of youth and renewal. The spray of roses in her hair denotes purity of spirit, and the triple strand of pearls around her neck suggest worldliness. She has a secret she will share only with the viewer, spoken only with her eyes.

The sides are painted in a black satin finish, and the work comes ready to hang.

Rose Garden

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