Mia Pratt Fine Art Oil Paintings

Bohemian Art Studio

Title: Rose Garden
Size:  12" x 14" x 1½"
Origin:  Original one-of-a-kind oil painting signed by the artist
Materials:  Artists oils and metallics on primed cotton canvas
Framing:  Unframed, ready-to-hang
Accessories:  Cert of Authenticity & Thumbprint Namecard
Price:  $900 US​​​​

The Rose Garden is a whimsical painting created in artists' oils using a cheerful, rainbow color palette. A red-haired girl with large green eyes wanders through a garden thick with roses, taking in the beauty of her surroundings while a blue bird sings in a blossoming apple tree behind her. She wears a spray of white and pink roses in her hair, and a triple strand of pearls around her neck. She has a secret she will share only with her eyes.

The sides are painted in black satin, and the work comes ready to hang.

Rose Garden Fine Art Oil Painting