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Midnight in the Garden 

Title:   Midnight in the Garden

Size:  4ft x 6ft (stretched canvas without frame)
Framed Size: 4 ft 10” x 6 ft. 10” Origin: Original oil painting signed by the artist
Materials:  Artists oils and metallics on Belgian linen

Framing:  Custom framed, ready-to-hang
Accessories:  Certificate of Authenticity & Thumbprint Namecard

Price:  $12,000

Midnight in the Garden is almost seven feet tall and five feet wide in its beautiful custom frame, commanding a powerful presence in any interior space.

The figure’s serene face, framed by luminous red hair against an indigo night sky, captures an expression of unconditional love tinged with a hint of longing. Her graceful outstretched hand beckons an unknown companion who remains out of view while she leads them down the garden path by lamplight.

A striking aqua silk robe is embellished with metallic layers of gold, framing a translucent white gown that reveals the graceful curves of the figure’s body. Visual exploration of her dress guides the eye upward to rest upon her face, before continuing around the perimeter of the scene in a feast of color, texture and detail. Impasto brush strokes are scattered across the surface of the painting, adding a luscious tactile dimension to its allure.

In daytime or evening light, the figure is illuminated with a golden glow that tempts the viewer closer to the work. The lotus pond is vibrantly alive with floating candles and hidden Koi fish, while the night sky, embellished with a large crescent moon amidst a plethora of twinkling stars, evokes the mystery of an unexpected midnight encounter by the sea.

This is the third in a series of three fantasy compositions in oils with a theme of mystical, red-haired women: The Gypsy Queen, Lady of the Lotus, and Midnight in the Garden.

These three paintings represent Mia's interpretation of The Three Graces. However, rather than representing charm, beauty, and grace - historic attributes assigned to woman from a patriarchal perspective - they represent three natural phases of human enlightenment: self-acceptance, liberation, and wholeness.

Midnight in the Garden represents the phase of wholeness, depicting a kind of "opening of the Kimono" as woman embraces the totality of her being and steps into her power. She has arrived at a point in life where she is no longer willing to hide herself or deny the wholeness of who she is, for the sake of pleasing others.  

In Mia's paintings, gardens represent life - and as the woman stands in her own Midnight Garden, she is both the creator and the creation in hers. She pauses on her path to offer an invitation to follow her to an unknown destination under the night sky, a symbol of the eternal. Lotus blossoms float in the still waters below as symbols of transcendence, while softly-glowing candles illuminate the darkness, symbolizing enlightenment. She wears a shimmering, translucent gown that reveals only what she wishes to reveal, and her open robe tells the world she owns the truth and beauty of who she is.

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