Mia Pratt Fine Art Oil Paintings

Bohemian Art Studio

Lotus Blossoms Fine Art Oil Painting

Title:     Lotus Blossoms
Size:      48” x 30” x 1.5”
Origin:     Original one-of-a-kind painting signed on front by the artist 
Materials:    Artists oils on primed cotton canvas
Framing:     Unframed
Accessories:    Certificate of Authenticity & Thumbprint Namecard
Price:   $1,800

This painting offers a fresh interpretation of lotus blossoms and seed pods, capturing the vibrant, dancing quality seen in early morning light, when the blossoms sway in moving water.  
The application of metallic powders and translucent glazes add luster, interest and iridescence to the petals and pods, and the bright color palette blends cool greens, violets and blues with vibrant magenta, gold, pale pink and pearl. The seed pods are trimmed in a delicate necklace of gold that highlights the iridescent quality of the pods and petals.