"When Only an Original Will Do"

Fine Art Oil Paintings Ajijic, Mexico & Phoenix, Arizona

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Inspired from Life and Nature

The Work

Mia Pratt's fine art oil paintings feature lush compositions that tempt the eye through feasts of color, texture and luminosity, while symbolism and hidden narratives peak the imagination. The artist combines oil paints, impasto medium, metallic finishes and translucent glazing to attain the luminescent quality that defines her work. Her style combines the loosely-defined strokes of impressionism with delicate areas of detailing, to convey a romanticized point of view that blends realism with fantasy for an intoxicating visual experience.​

Mia Pratt's beautiful fine art oil paintings are sold to the design trades and private collectors from around the world.  Glimpses into Mia's studio, works-in-progress, and previews of finished work are shown first to her private subscriber list. Subscribe today to receive monthly-ish notecards with images of Mia's latest work.

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Mia Pratt ​Fine Art Oil Paintings

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