"When Only an Original Will Do"

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Bohemian Art Studio

​The 2018 United States Exhibit & Artist Reception

Mia Pratt's fine art oil paintings can be seen in person at her U.S. art exhibit,

which opened with an artist reception on November 2, 2018 at Exposed Gallery & Studio 

in downtown Phoenix, Arizona.

Mia is displaying two collections this year - the Bohemian Fables collection of figurative work, 

and the Bohemian Art Studio Collection of "subjects inspired from life and nature." The exhibit will

continue through December 22nd.

Mia chose Exposed Gallery & Studio for the 2018 exhibit to show support for the Phoenix gay

community, businesses, media, and Gay Pride events. The Exposed Gallery team is heavily involved

in supporting the gay community, and Mia is proud to exhibit her artwork at this important venue.

Exposed Studio & Gallery can be reached at 602-370-3260
They are located at 4225 N 7th Ave in Phoenix, AZ 85013