Mia Pratt Fine Art Oil Paintings

Bohemian Art Studio

​I can trace my artistic point of view back to childhood.


My family had a collection of World Book Encyclopedias and I spent countless hours exploring every subject, from the queens of Persia to Indian lotus blossoms. I was also fascinated by Monarch butterflies and the gold embellishments that adorn their chrysalis like nature's jewelry. Inspired by that magical touch of gold, my gold crayon decorated every drawing ~ and I still incorporate metallics in many of my oil paintings today. â€‹â€‹




When I’m mid-creation in an oil painting, nothing else matters.

In the studio, there’s just me and the work undergoing a focused transformation, like caterpillar to butterfly.

It's exhilarating and meditative at the same time - but it’s in the final stages of detailing, when I see the completed

work manifest on canvas, that I enjoy the deep sense of fulfillment that drives me to create.

My art is love, and my fine art oil paintings express my love of art.

My deep connection with that childhood sense of wonder reveals its presence in the thematic, symbolic and narrative aspects of my #BohemianFables paintings, a series of fine art oil paintings that depict costumed figures and living creatures in exotic garden settings.​

As an artist I’m inspired to capture the beauty and essence of what is real, while expanding freely into the fantasies,

figures and symbols of my imagination. My oil paintings express an intersection between these two worlds through the

use of rich colors â€‹that exaggerate reality just enough to challenge its limits.